Yoke 1.0.4

Source:NHH Developer Inc.

Yoke messenger, talk freely with your friends!

Yoke messenger- a messenger app like no other!
With so many messenger apps on the market you may be asking yourself what’s so special about this one?

Yoke messenger works wherever you have internet access (Wi-Fi, edge or 3G) and has all the features of existing messenger apps such as: push notifications, sending pictures, location, group chats, read receipts, etc…
But has taken it all a step further. With a uniquely attractive and easy to use UI yoke has added features that we promise you’ll love! Whether you are 9 or 99! All with no extra cost!

- Yoke integrates with your phone book, sending and receiving friend invitations has never been so easy. No need for a pin or username. Just click on invite!

- Have you ever sent a message and wished you didn’t? If you have then wish no more! Yoke allows you to edit or delete any unread message, however long the time you sent it, not only that but yoke also gives you a grace period of five minutes to edit or delete all sent messages.

- Wanna see what your friends have been up to recently without scrolling through every name on your friends’ list? Yoke’s activity tab keeps you up to date on your friends’ latest status updates, and profile photos.

- Is privacy important to you? If it is then search no more! Yoke has it all covered. From customizing a friend’s picture and individualizing a friend’s settings to passcode protection, sent and received chat encryption and deleting all read chats from yoke server. When it comes to protecting your privacy...yoke has left no stone unturned.

Last Updated:2011-09-18 18:10:02
File size:3MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up